Texas Bluebonnets in a Hill County Cemetery

Tuesday, January 25, 2011



The Kirkpatrick family seemed never to have stayed in one place more than a year or two.  It was partly looking for greener pastures I suspect because everywhere they lived was a prairie landscape.  Compared to Kentucky and Indiana the Kansas landscape was bare of trees with no rivers where they were .  Clara was now the mother of four girls: Alice born in 1887; Anna in 1889; and with her marriage to Clifton after the death of John her first husband who was Clifton's brother, Clara had Bess in 1896 and Dora Ethel in 1898. Oklahoma Territory was their next destination about 1901 where Clara purchased a lot in El Reno, O.T. The land had belonged to the Kiowa and Comanche Tribes until 1889.  It was registered: Kirkpatrick, Clara - El Reno, Oklahoma Territory - 56 - 9 - $65.00.  It was unusual in that there is no information on Clifton ever purchasing property.

ANADARKO O.T. 1901 "A town of tents".                        "Sunday school, Indians and white[s]."